Sex & Menopause: What Your Mom, OB, and Girlfriends Should Have Told You

Shh… come closer. We have a secret to tell you.

Sex during menopause can be awkward, uncomfortable, and, well, different.

Take Lisa, for example.  She and her partner had never had trouble revving up in the bedroom before, despite more than 25 years of marriage, but for the last 6 months, Lisa has been secretly  frustrated and embarrassed at how her vaginal juices just don’t flow right away, not even with her vibrator.

Nothing is wrong with Lisa or her lady parts. Menopause is normal. If there is one thing that stays true during our lifetimes, it is that change is constant and normal, even when it comes to what happens in the bedroom.

So now that we’ve gotten that off our chest, it’s time for us to stop treating changes in our sex lives during menopause to be something to be ashamed about. We get vaginal dryness. We may not get aroused by the same things. We may even feel aroused but get frustrated when it seems our body isn’t responding like it used to.

And because we keep it all a secret, we have misunderstandings with our partners.

It’s not the changes in our bodies that are the problem in the bedroom.

The problem is that we expect everything to stay the same as we gain years. As a result, we close our minds to trying new things proven to make things in the bedroom stress-free and enjoyable again.

What are we talking about?

During menopause, your body can experience abrupt changes in your hormone balance that affect your ability to repair tissues, maintain a steady mood, and your sex drive.

But, there is good news!

Researchers have identified safe, effective supplements that women can take to re-establish our natural hormone balance to support our sexual health, emotional health, and overall health.

Two Secrets to Supporting Sexual Health During Menopause

At Cleopatra Life, we’ve harnessed research-backed ingredients in our supplements designed for women experiencing menopause.

EstroBalance©. EstroBalance supports healthy estrogen synthesis, metabolism, and detoxification processes that are often weakened during menopause. It combined the synergistic benefits of components in cruciferous vegetables that help to support healthy estrogen metabolism.

CleoCALM©. With things not going on as planned in the bedroom, we can feel stress and anxiety that only make things worse. You can thank your nervous system for that. CleoCALM contains ingredients that help to support neurotransmitter balance to help you feel calm, have a balanced mood, and even boost memory and learning abilities.

Share the Secrets

No more whispering. Talk to our experts like Lisa did, or tell your girlfriends, or your partner. Normalize menopause. Most importantly, normalize changing how you take care of yourself as your body changes with menopause.  

It’s time for you to tell your mom, girlfriends, OB, and partner. Change in the bedroom is normal, but there are natural solutions, like CleoCALM and EstroBalance, that support your body in adjusting to those changes so you can feel comfortable and confident in the bedroom again.

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