Real Stories From Real Women – Jemima L

Jemima L – Haitian borne Jemima is currently living in Miami, but plans to return home at the end of the year.  She shared some thoughts with us.

My journey with self-esteem has been a long, and hard one, and it’s still not over. I was the first-born daughter to an upper-class, Haitian family; all of this contributed to my body image issues. I was born under the Virgo moon which means I have an innate tendency to be overcritical, especially of myself.

Add to that being bullied throughout my teenage years, very demanding parents, and a messed up society, I developed major body image issues. This started a spiral that resulted in me being severely depressed for the next seven, almost eight years of my life. I hated everything about myself.

However, when Covid happened, I got into a really dark place and made a conscious decision to never go through that again. For the past few months, I have been working on myself and I have never been happier. Improving my diet, drinking more water, and a few other simple modifications have drastically changed my life. For the first time in my life, I can genuinely say “I love myself”.

I never realized how much my poor self-esteem was holding me back. I was so scared of being judged or called ugly that I missed several irreplaceable moments. Now, I feel so much lighter. Not only am I eating healthier, but I have also picked up several healthy habits that help me boost my self-esteem.

Although it took me a while to understand this, I now know that self-esteem should not be measured in comparison to other people or the beauty standards set by society. Humans are all unique, how can we put a “price” on self-worth when we aren’t the same “items”? I believe that self-esteem should be measured by doing the best you can and being the best possible version of yourself. Ever since I applied this to my life, everything changed for the better.