How You Feel About Yourself

Going through menopause is a roller-coaster ride. We women must endure not just the physiological symptoms of menopause, but the emotional side of it too, with insecurity and low self-esteem jumping on us for a piggy-back ride, so yes, it is very challenging. The experience is distressing, and many women find it incredibly difficult to deal with, but you’re not alone. So, how do fight this low self-esteem beast during menopause?

Accept that the change is permanent.

The # 1 rule is learning to accept that menopause changes your body, like how your body evolved during puberty. You just need to go through that change again – but on a different level – smarter, with less peer pressure, and no pimples! Accepting the change doesn’t mean accepting the suffering.  We have different options from natural products to help ease the transition to bioidentical hormone therapies.  (talk to one of our specialists to help you navigate these choices)

Re-program your mindset.

Stay positive about yourself, and be aware of how you are treating yourself. Practice talking to yourself in a mirror. It might sound goofy, but studies reveal that mirror manipulation has a positive influence on self-perception and social situations.

Focus on self-care.

Let’s face it, how we look can help how we feel. Eating healthily, attend an exercise class if it is safe (or go for outdoor walks and runs), establish a new skin-care regime, start  a new hobby, and get a night of good sleep because these will make a huge difference in how you feel.

Intensify sex life.

Vaginal dryness and loss of libido can decrease sexual performance. Make sex exciting by using sex toys and vaginal lubricants. Using vibrators doesn’t only encourage sexual arousal but also lubricates the vagina. Moreover, masturbating, sensual massaging, and watching erotic films are sexual enhancers that can make intercourse a more gratifying experience for you and your partner.  You’re older and wiser and so adding these elements can stimulate you and your lover.

Bringing back your self-esteem can be difficult, but trying these things will help you feel better. So, stay positive as you move forward in your life. Remember that as you learn to sail these stormy menopause waters, you come to understand that you do control your destiny and the direction of your life going forward..

‘Menopause is just Puberty’s evil stepmother.’